Thursday, February 4, 2010

Best Vajina Can Your Vajina Tear And Split From To Much Sex?

Can your vajina tear and split from to much sex? - best vajina

my friend likes sex a lot and always wants and always accessible, even if I'm wrong, I would like to know if my vajina hold its shape or separately?


SacTownB... said...

I do not know ... but me and my ex-BF thin skin at the tip of the penis, because it was too rough to guess the sex.
Then, when he healed his back and recovered really close, and now it is painful for him to have an erection.
I feel bad ..
rather than being dumped, I am convinced that a reversal.

Jessyyy :) said...

II love you Zoey!: D hahaa .. And yes .. Vajina finally appears as a bucket of KFC size of the family: P Moahahahaha! LoveUuM'dear!: P x

Johnson said...

Girl, have ju vajina problems with their "" there. His "vajina 'may split in pycez WEEL and too painful.

alanyual... said...

If you do this to continue after your vagina is still open for a while and definitely change the way

Bling Bling Cha-Ching said...

Girl, if a dawg as I can, more than you think, you know something bad.

Joe B said...

No, certainly not. her boyfriend is waiting for a black man?

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